Pitch darkness surrounded me! “How on earth did I get here?” I asked myself. I couldn’t breathe… ‘the air was so thin’ I thought or was it my phobia for dark places that was getting to me. With my hands stretched out I searched for an exit from this seeming obscurity only to discover a smooth wall. Now I was really frantic! With unsteady hands I slowly felt around only to find walls unending. “There has to be a door or way out,”  I told myself. So this time I was slower in my search, taking tiny steps so I wouldn’t miss anything but alas it became glaring that I was trapped! “Aaaaah!” I screamed and banged on the walls with hope that someone would come to my aid.



It had been hours or was it days since I found out I was trapped- I couldn’t tell, I had stopped keeping track of the time. I was on the floor now with my back to the wall, hungry, tired and in desperate need of water-my throat was parched after all the screaming I had done. Many thoughts ran through my mind- ‘how do I get out here’ ‘how long can I last without food and water in this darkness’, ‘when will someone come to my aid’. I felt helpless and lonely. Just yesterday it was all smiles and sunshine and now I was trapped and lost. All these thoughts kept going through my mind until sleep snatched me into its peaceful arms.
Something was definitely different. I opened my eyes and a ray of light from the wall opposite me shone directly on my nose. With renewed hope, I quickly stood and observed the space where the light was coming from. It was a crack! With all the strength I could muster I immediately started working on the crack. Two hits to the wall and the wall chipped off more. I was so excited… adrenaline rushed through my veins as I gave the last punch. The walls came crumbling around me. I was free! ‘Yes!’. I did not even care that the sunlight was unfamiliar to my constricted pupils. I just absorbed it all with the zest of a starving man given his first meal in days. I stood up fully and turned to look at what had held me captive all this time. But when I turned back I couldn’t believe my eyes… I hadn’t been trapped all this while… It was a cocoon!. I looked at my body and I noticed some changes. I had been too occupied with my pain while in the cocoon to realize I had transformed, I was beautiful “Wow!”. I looked to the world, took in everything and I knew nothing could stop me. With my wings stretched out I took a leap and whoop! I started my first flight.